Quaint Village Getaways

Delaware’s Quaint Villages: An Uncommon Collection, at Your Own Pace.

Great vacations come in pieces: keepsakes, souvenirs, sensations and experiences. From time spent travelling to time spent exploring. From the feeling of a fresh peach in your hand, to a cold sip of craft beer, to cobblestone streets under your feet.

In Kent County, these small pieces build on each other to create something wholly unique, and completely unforgettable. No matter what speed you choose to take your visit, you’re sure to leave with an incredible story. And maybe an impressive list of trinkets.

Plan Your Trip

Trip Ideas

If you need some inspiration for your upcoming itinerary, this page is the perfect place to start. Delaware’s Quaint Villages feature so many opportunities for historic culture, culinary adventures and outdoor escapades, you’ll always have something to do during your stay — no matter what speed you take. Amish Countryside  Good Libations Tour First State Capital History We "Bet"…

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Food & Drink

A trip to Delaware’s Quaint Villages means relaxing (or exploring) on your terms. Our rich array of incredible restaurants lets you specialize your dining experience to be just what you want, or you can choose to explore our wineries, breweries and distilleries. From classic comfort food to culinary innovation, there’s something for every taste here.

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Where to Stay

Delaware’s Quaint Villages are teeming with adorable, classic and comfortable accommodations for your next vacation. Whether you’re looking to stay in a colonial-style hotel, a charming B&B, or venture into the outdoors at a camping site, there’s no end to the ways you can experience Kent County. Take a closer look at our available options for a home away from home.

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Things to Do

AN ADVENTURE FOR EVERY VACATION STYLE There’s always something to see, hear and experience on a visit to Delaware’s Quaint Villages. Step into a museum and learn something new, take a quiet moment for yourself in nature, pick up a souvenir on a shopping excursion or get your blood pumping with a trip to the racetrack. Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation, you can find it here. Go…

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Explore The Villages

Bowers Beach

Known for its ecotourism and numerous water activities, Bowers Beach is a great spot for those who love water sports, fishing and indulging in fresh seafood.

Delaware’s Quaint Villages are known for their small-town shops and museums, and Bowers Beach is no exception. Make your way through the Maritime Museum, spend an afternoon kayaking through the bay or simply stroll along the beach…

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Bowers Beach

Small Town, Big Possibilities


Video by Nate Hummel

Dover is more than just a home for music festivals and racecars, it is a place filled with history and culture. Enjoy shopping in country stores and local malls, or taking a walk in one of our many public parks. Finish the night with some gambling or beer tasting at one of our local craft breweries. From museums, to farms, to dining and more, the nation’s first…

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Perfect Balance of Historical and Modern


A great spot for thrill seekers, the quaint village of Harrington has an award-winning casino filled with a variety of slot machines, games, bars, horse racing and incredible restaurants. Gambling isn’t your thing? No problem! Be sure to check out Harrington’s Historical Society or go skating at the Centre Ice Rink for some more family-fun.

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Harrington is home to horse racing, a casino, historical sites, and even Delaware’s State Fair!


Video by Kyle Walls

Much like the other towns in Delaware’s Quaint Villages, Smyrna offers many cultural activities for those who love both fine and performing arts. Between live music performances, art galleries, and even operas, Smyrna is the ideal spot for an artistic excursion. Looking for a place to eat and drink? Smyrna also hosts microbreweries, restaurants, and diners perfect for…

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Stop and smell the roses with a visit to Smyrna.


Bike past beautiful, historic houses on your way to enjoy some family-friendly dining during your visit to Camden, Delaware. Home to plenty of green space, Camden is the place to visit for the small-town America experience. Unwind with a massage from Mind Body and Soul spa, or go on a tour of the Underground Railroad through some of Delaware’s most historic spots. In Delaware’s Quaint…

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Visit Camden!


Known for having a charming culture with strong roots in farming, Wyoming has vibrant small-town appeal and is a fun destination for shopping, exploring parks and attending local events and happenings. Wyoming is also home to Fifer’s Orchards, a charming farm, country store and popular destination for travelers to pick up fresh produce and homemade pastries. This unique community,…

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Charming Culture, Strong Roots


The community began as a critical stop on the Delaware Railroad in 1856, and has developed into a small town that takes deep pride in its past. Explore its quiet streets, get to know the locals at various community events around the area or drive by one of the National Historic Landmarks and get a deeper sense of this quaint village’s history.

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Felton, Delaware

History is at the heart of the town of Felton.


A classic Kent County river town at its core (and home to the new sportsplex DE Turf), Frederica is a quaint and idyllic spot to escape to for a moment of quiet reflection by the water. Nicknamed “Frogtown” because of its location near the wetlands (and their amphibian residents), Frederica is a former port site that has evolved into a charming Delaware village with gorgeous nature views…

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A Classic Kent County River Town


Video by Joseph Phillips 

This extraordinary and quaint small town blends a rich history with a creative spirit. A former shipbuilding hub, Milford has since transformed into a vibrant Delaware village packed with galleries, small businesses, performance spaces and gathering places. Milford proudly combines traditional small-town values with unconventional imagination and artistic…

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Small town with a creative spirit.


Named for a cluster of chestnut trees nestled in the heart of town, Cheswold is the perfect place to take a quiet escape into the heart of Delaware. Formerly called Leipsic Station, Cheswold has evolved from a railroad depot, to a shipping hub for fruit and grain, to a gorgeous destination for visitors to retreat into a small town surrounded by lush countryside. Visit Cheswold on a day…

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Close to Greenery, and Everything Else


With a bustling roster of local events and small-town celebrations, as well as a close proximity to rich park space and peaceful lakes, Clayton is a tranquil retreat from the rest of the outside world. The town first built its reputation on agricultural commodities, particularly peaches, and has since established a proud history, thriving economy, and quaint, historic charm beloved by…

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Get Away From It All in Our Thriving Small Town


Hartly is one of Delaware’s most closely knit communities, with a history that stretches to as far back as 1734 (back when the town was nicknamed “Butterpot”). Several residents of Hartly are actually direct descendants to the area’s first settlers. Though it has a tucked-away small town charm, Hartly sits near Route 44, making it directly accessible to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and…

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An Adventure at the Hart of Delaware


Visitors can feel Houston’s warmth and friendly atmosphere as soon as they set foot in this small town. Sometimes called Houston Station, the town was originally named for the railroad president John W. Houston, and it exudes a quaint residential friendliness and deep roots in Delaware history. From brickyards to canneries to flour mills, Houston has always been a bustling hub of industry…

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Stop By, Stay Awhile, and Connect with Locals


The town of Kenton has held many a moniker throughout its celebrated history. From Lewis Crossroads to Grogtown, the town became known as a shopping center for farmers, with several grist mills and saw mills nearby, and had early potential for becoming one of the most important business centers in the county. Kenton is home to numerous storied properties, including the beautiful…

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A Historic Town with Many Names


Don’t let Farmington’s quiet exterior fool you — this is a town full of fascinating stories. From weathering a historic fire in 1914, housing numerous pieces of beautiful and noteworthy architecture (including Alexander Johnson’s gorgeous Greek revival-style house), to serving as the birthplace and boyhood home for the Governor of Delaware, the town formerly known as Flatiron is full of…

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A verdant rural community, Leipsic was first home to a thriving farming economy in Delaware that included trapping, oystering, fishing and canning. Leipsic’s relaxed location by the water has helped the town become a popular spot for fishermen and crabbers, and a quintessential spot for quiet living along the water.


When it’s time to socialize, residents and visitors can be found at…

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Step into Relaxed Creek-Side Living

Little Creek

The Town of Little Creek is an approachable town with a rich history. The charming Bayshore community dates back to the early 1800’s — when it was allegedly first inhabited by pirates! Originally the site of a thriving oyster industry, Little Creek developed a thriving community of local businesses, including bait shops, restaurants, and its storied Old Stone Tavern (which was never…

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Little Creek

Little Creek, Big Stories


Step into Magnolia, and you’ll immediately notice its namesake: the beautiful magnolia trees lining the streets in the north end of town. Here, you’ll find yourself at the center of the universe. Literally — those words are proudly written on a sign in front of the John B. Lindale House, which appears on the National Register of Historic Places. A circular boundary surrounds Magnolia and…

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A Gorgeous Town with a Low-Key Lifestyle


Life moves at a blissfully slower pace at Viola. This quiet residential community is full of character — and serene views of greenery. The residents of Viola have fallen in love with the art of small town life, and they firmly believe in the importance of getting to know their neighbors. This is a quiet retreat in nature, where you can unplug and reconnect.


Looking for more things to…

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A Quiet Village with a Lovely Name


Woodside is a folksy village just off of Del 10. Historically known for being a railroad depot, this charming town has evolved into a welcoming residential community with restaurants and shopping, including a thriving local market garden. Whether you’re in the mood to pick up fresh produce or take in the historic architecture and natural scenery, at Woodside you’ve come to the right…

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Charming history with a Railroad Depot

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