A Surprising Take on The Past

As the nation’s first state, we have deep roots in American history. But you won’t find the typical run-of-the-mill museums in Delaware’s Quaint Villages. Our sites celebrate surprising, exciting and unconventional pieces of history. Here you can learn something unexpected, and get a better sense of where you came from.

Popular Museums 

If you have an inquisitive mind and a love for learning, you'll be captivated by the many museums in Kent County, Delaware. We have over a dozen incredible museums featuring a variety of themes and content that caters to a wide array of interests, like the Johnston Victrola Museum and the Air Mobility Command Museum. Through our extensive network of museums, you and your loved ones can learn about anything from history to agriculture to railroads and more.

Learn more about some of our many Kent County, Delaware museums:

Many of these remarkable museums in Kent County, Delaware come complete with tours, interactive displays, special exhibits and hundreds of fascinating artifacts for you and your family to enjoy. With so many museums, you'll never be at a shortage of things to see or learn. Check out our full list of museums today.

Air Force Exploration 

You can learn all about Delaware's Air Force aviation history with the Dover Air Mobility Command Museum. With over 30 types of military aircraft, free flight simulators, tours, special events and more, you'll be amazed by the grand exhibits at the Air Mobility Command Museum.

Art Exhibitions and Exhibits

Satisfy your creative side by exploring the arts in Delaware's Quaint Villages. From live musical performances and art classes to film viewings and more, we offer a wide array of quality entertainment events for all ages. We have art galleries and theatres as well as a historic opera house to satisfy all of your artistic and creative desires.

Some of our many artistic cultural sites include:

Cultural and Historical Sites

Immerse yourself in our history by visiting one of over a dozen famed historical sites. You'll be amazed at the vast culture and history of Delaware's Quaint Villages, with buildings that date as far back as the late 1600s. These gorgeous locations, including churches, mansions, government buildings and more, each have their own stories and are important parts of history in Kent County, Delaware.

Consider checking out some of our many historical sites, including:

  • Parson Thorne Mansion: This beautiful mansion, built in the 1600s, includes 1,750 acres of land and has changed hands several times throughout history. Call ahead to make a reservation to tour the historic mansion and grounds.
  • John Bell House: This historical site is the meeting place for guided walking tours with First State Heritage Park. It is the oldest wooden structure on The Green.
  • John Dickinson Plantation: You can visit the home of U.S. founding father and "Penman of the Revolution," John Dickinson, and immerse yourself in 18th century America.
  • Historic Belmont Hall: This treasured mansion was built in 1773 and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Belmont Hall holds tours and special events upon request. Call ahead to receive a tour.

Delaware's Quaint Villages

If you want all the charm of small-town living paired with a rich history, Delaware's Quaint Villages are the places to go. With 20 different nearby villages, you'll never be at a shortage of shopping destinations, breweries and outdoor adventures to explore. Consider visiting one of our most popular towns, including:

  • Dover: Over 300 years old, this town has a rich history and culture and also offers modern delights like music festivals, boutique shops for tax-free shopping, dining spots and racing events. With lots of museums, a casino, shopping, restaurants and more, Dover is your prime vacation destination.
  • Harrington: Harrington offers attractions and events, such as horse races and Delaware's beloved Annual State Fair as well as historical sites and even a famous casino.
  • Smyrna: This is another town that values the power of artistic expression. This Village also has wildlife refuge parks, restaurants and historic sites.
  • Milford: Milford is a hub for arts and culture. Milford has many art galleries, performance spaces and more, along with beautiful shops and a waterfront riverwalk.

For a full list of Delaware's Quaint Villages' historic towns, click here.

Explore Delaware's Quaint Villages at Your Own Pace

Once you're finished exploring all of our museums, art galleries and historical houses in Delaware's Quaint Villages, consider engaging in one of Kent County, Delaware's many additional attractions and events. No matter your family's interests, Delaware's Quaint Villages have a wide range of activities to stir the fascination and excitement of any visitor.

With so many things to do in Kent County, Delaware, you'll always be entertained. Check out some of our main attractions:

Whatever your personal itinerary holds, you'll be sure to have a wonderful time exploring Delaware's Quaint Villages at your own pace.

Plan Your Trip Today!

If you're looking to absorb local history, Delaware's Quaint Villages are the place to be. From museums to historic houses and more, we've got it all. You can also enjoy tax-free shopping, free and low-cost attractions and a variety of beautiful photo opportunities. No matter your reason for your visit, you and your family will be sure to enjoy the many delights of Delaware's Quaint Villages.

If you have any questions about our attractions and events, contact us or begin planning your trip today!

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Air Mobility Command Museum

Air Mobility Command Museum

Step into a piece of this nation's Air Force aviation history. More than 30 aircraft ranging from an open cockpit bi-plane to modern four-engine jet…

Barratt’s Chapel & Museum

Barratt’s Chapel & Museum

Constructed in 1780, Barratt's Chapel is a house of worship recognized as "The Cradle of American Methodism." Pioneers Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury met…

Biggs Museum of American Art

Biggs Museum of American Art

Established in 1993, the Sewell C. Biggs Museum of American Art Museum houses one of the finest collections of American fine and decorative arts.The Biggs…

Bowers Beach Maritime Museum

Bowers Beach Maritime Museum

The museum houses artifacts of Bowers, the Delaware Bay and the watermen of the area. It is open weekends, Memorial Day through Labor Day, 2 PM - 4 PM.

Camden Friends Meeting

Camden Friends Meeting

Camden Meeting was established in 1795, in Camden just south of Dover, Delaware. The historic meetinghouse was built in 1805. It has been recognized on The…

Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites and is a participant in First State Heritage Park at Dover. A self-guided tour of the…

Delaware Public Archives

Delaware Public Archives

The Delaware Public Archives is one of the oldest public archives programs in the country. Created by the General Assembly in 1905, the Archives cut the…

Delaware State Police Museum

Delaware State Police Museum

The Delaware State Police Museum was built for and dedicated to the preservation of the proud history of the Delaware State Police. This history includes…

Delaware State University

Delaware State University

DSU offers a unique blend of past, present and future. Walk through our 356-acre campus and you'll see centuries-old buildings. At the same time, you'll…

Dover Art League

Dover Art League

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for local artists, quality programming, gallery exhibits & classes. The Dover Art…

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