Fifer Orchards Fall Fest at Fifer’s Farm Store

Autumn is the perfect season to get outside and make memories with your family. Come experience the fall at Fifer’s Farm Store in Delaware's Quaint Villages.

Fifer Orchards Fall Fest at Fifer's Farm Store

As the summer heat fades away, and the leaves start changing color, the fall season has officially begun! The rich colors, cozy fashions and delicious treats make autumn one of the most treasured times of the year. From carving pumpkins and playing in the leaves to making homemade apple pie, there's an endless supply of fall activities for your family to enjoy.

Delaware's Quaint Villages are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the season in the charming countryside. Located in the heart of Kent County, Fifer's Farm Store captures the magic of autumn with all of the fall delights you can imagine. With apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and many other outdoor activities, you can enjoy the complete fall experience in one family-friendly location.

Pumpkin Picking

Bright orange pumpkins are a fall staple, and picking them straight from the patch is even more special! Bring your family to Fifer Orchard's pumpkin patch throughout October to enjoy Fall Fest activities.

Children and adults of all ages love searching through the crop to find the perfect pumpkin to carve into jack-o'-lanterns or decorate your house. Pumpkin picking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the refreshing fall breeze — just be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for the farm. You'll see why visiting the pumpkin patch is a family tradition!

U-Pick Apples 

If your family enjoys pumpkin picking, they'll also love harvesting apples. Your children will love searching for the ripest ones and climbing on your shoulders to reach the highest branches.

The entire family will enjoy feasting on freshly picked apples. You can use them for dozens of recipes or eat them plain. They're the perfect addition to any fall-themed menu. When your family thinks of fall, they will remember going apple picking and helping you make delicious autumn treats.

Here are some seasonal recipe ideas for your apple harvest:

  • Caramel apples
  • Apple pie
  • Candy apples
  • Apple dumplings
  • Spiced apple sauce
  • Apple crumble

Fifer's U-Pick Apples are available from September 11th to October 23rd.

Corn Maze and Other Fall Fun

Fifer's Farm Store is a one-stop shop for hours of family fun. The pumpkin patch and apple orchard are just the beginning. Once you've collected your harvest, you can navigate through their 6-acre corn maze.

This year's Mystery Maze has even more to offer. Your family can try to solve the Scooby-Doo-themed Monster Mystery by uncovering hidden clues along the way. You'll become part of the gang as you search for the monster and save Scooby's cousin, "Boots." This twist on a traditional corn maze is even more fun and memorable for the whole family.

The fun continues at the fall-themed Fun Park. Children can enjoy all that the season has to offer with over a dozen exciting activities:

  • Giant corn crib
  • Super straw slides
  • Pedal tractors
  • Rubber ducky races
  • Pumpkin pad
  • Farm volleyball
  • Octo-ball
  • Funnel ball
  • Roller bowlers
  • Farmer foosball
  • Hula cows
  • Wallball
  • Tractor train ride — Saturdays only

There is something for everyone to try! Between digging through the corn kernels and cheering on rubber duck races, you can catch a few minutes of the free live music performance. If you start to smell something delicious in the air, it's probably coming from the Orchard farm kitchen. Stop and grab a fall treat like freshly roasted and cinnamon-glazed nuts, salty kettle corn or a classic apple cider donut from their bakery. Fifer's also has hand-dipped ice cream made right here in Kent County, Delaware, featuring their famous Fifer peaches.

At Fifer’s Farm Store, you can enjoy all of the classic farm experiences. From the autumn activities to the fall foods, you can soak in everything the season has to offer in one weekend. You'll spend the day laughing and making lasting memories together. When the day is over, your family will be ready to hit the hay.

Location and Travel Information

If you live near the Kent County area or you're interested in escaping to Delaware's Quaint Villages, make sure you plan a visit to Fifer's Farm Store this fall. You can set your GPS to 1919 Allabands Mill Rd, Camden Wyoming, DE 19934. If you have any questions, you can contact Fifer's Farm Store at 302-697-2141 to help you plan your trip.

Stay the weekend to enjoy the orchard and other local attractions in Delaware's Quaint Villages. There are so many ways to recharge and have fun:

  • Shopping: You can enjoy tax-free shopping at charming local boutiques, antique stores and art galleries in the historic communities of downtown Dover. Discover true craftsmanship from Amish-made furniture, quilts and other handcrafted goods.
  • Museums: While you're visiting the first state, you can brush up on your revolutionary history at one of our local museums and historical sites. Stop by the John Dickinson Plantation, Johnson Victrola Museum or The Old State House to learn something new about U.S. history.
  • Libations: Sample some locally made beverages at Kent county's best winery, brewery and distillery destinations. Enjoy ciders, wines, beers and spirits that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Casinos: Slot machines, table games, roulette, sports betting and harness racing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at our two local casinos. There's no shortage of thrills in Delaware's Quaint Villages.

Learn More Today

With the turning of the season, celebrate with all of the classic fall experiences at Fifer's Farm Stores and orchard. Spend quality time with your family in the crisp autumn air, enjoying exciting farm activities and attractions. You'll cherish these memories for a lifetime.

The slow-paced country setting makes Delaware's Quaint Villages the perfect place to unwind and welcome autumn with your family and friends. Stay for a few days and explore Delaware at your own pace. Plan your getaway with our Kent county visitors guide.

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