11 Virtual Tours & Exhibits to explore in Delaware’s Quaint Villages

Many of Delaware’s Quaint Villages’ museums, art galleries, and attractions are turning to online platforms to stream virtual tours & exhibits, learning videos, and more - giving both locals and visitors a sneak peak inside our unique history, experiences, museums and attractions. Sit back from the comfort of your home and discover something new with one of these virtual experiences!

Air Mobility Command Museum – Hear about the unique history and significance behind some of the many historical aircrafts on display at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover.  

Dover International Speedway – Watch the recap of Dover International Speedway’s iRacing Pro Invitational Series race virtually from the Monster Mile!  

Old State House – Learn about downtown historic Dover's Old State House. This building was built in 1791 and served as the capitol until 1933.  

First State Heritage Park’s John Bell House – Learn about the historical significance and stories behind the oldest wooden structure on The Green, The John Bell House with a virtual tour from First State Heritage Park.

Johnson Victrola Museum –Hear a musical recording from the Victrola IX and pastime musical tunes from one of the many Victrolas on display that you can see at the Johnson Victrola Museum.

John Dickinson Plantation –Check out John Dickinson’s “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania" online exhibit. 

Biggs Museum of American Art – Discover some of the Biggs Museum of American Art’s collections including the Hudson River School Gallery,  the American Impressionism gallery and more. 

Killens Pond State Park – Learn about Delaware’s native turtle, the box turtle. Learn what the box turtle eats, how they got their name, and where they live. 

Milford Museum- Discover Milford’s past with online exhibits including historical photographs of houses, streets, maritime, and railroads to name a few.

Delaware Public Archives – Take a look inside the digital archives of Delaware’s past with historic audio clips, pastime photographs including a Then and Now gallery, document collections and more!

Harrington Historical Society – Explore from the comfort of your home, or adventure out with a driving tour around our quaint village of downtown Harrington. Learn about the history of various spots you can see in downtown area including the Railroad Switching Tower and Caboose, historical mansions, churches, and more.  

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