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Weekly Travel Newsletter - 12.2.2020

Phase 2 – Reopening Delaware

Delaware is currently in Phase 2 as of June 15, 2020. During Phase 2, businesses will open with restrictions including arts & culture, food & beverage establishments, malls, casinos, retail, commercial short term lodging, youth sports, golf courses, community pools, convention centers and meeting facilities, personal care services, realty, exercise facilities, racetrack parks, and places of worship. Click here to view the full list of regulations for each business type. 

Delaware beaches are open and subject to strict social distancing requirements and other restrictions.  Click here to read the beach regulations for Delaware.  

Starting Monday, November 23rd, 2020 at 8:00am restaurants, craft breweries, distilleries and wineries are open with 30% of fire occupancy indoors, with allowance of additional outdoor seating. Patrons should wear a face covering when not eating or drinking, whenever staff approaches the table and whenever they get up from the table. Please call ahead to confirm hours of operation, services for dine-in reservations, take-out options, and curbside pick-up. For a list of restaurants and libations in Kent County click here. (updated 11/18/2020) 

Retail stores are open with restrictions including 60% fire occupancy, social distancing, and mandatory face masks. (We recommend visiting website or to call retail establishments for more information). For a listing of local small businesses in Kent County, click here.

Arts/Culture Facilities are open for 60% of fire occupancy and may offer visits without reservations and resume guided tours with social distancing. (we recommend visiting museum’s website or social media for more information and guidelines)  For a listing of museums and cultural/art facilities click here.

Casinos are open with 60% of fire occupancy and gaming machines 6 feet apart. We recommend visiting casino’s website or social media for more details.  Click here for a listing of casinos in Kent County. 

Delaware State Parks are open. Camping at Killens Pond State Park including campsites, cabins, and RVs sites are available for reservations. Anyone visiting a park or wildlife area is encouraged to engage in responsible social distancing practices, visit during non-peak hours and required to wear a face mask. (click here for more information). 

All Delawareans are required to wear a facemask in public settings including grocery stores, doctor offices, pharmacies, public transportation. 

Get the most of your Delaware getaway by knowing the ins and outs of traveling during COVID-19 before your visit. The following are helpful guides:

Delaware's Go-To Guide To Explore Safely 

Video: Go-To Guide to Summer safely in Delaware 

Explore Safely Check-List


Delaware’s Recovery Plan

For the latest information, please visit the CDC website for travel updates. To find the latest information regarding coronavirus in Delaware, visit http://de.gov/coronavirus

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