On The Water

A Road Trip by the Water. At Your Own Pace


When you stay on the water in Kent County, you have the opportunity to explore the true heart of Delaware’s Quaint Villages: the Bayshore Byway.



This 50-mile trek of towns stretches across creeks, beaches, ports and more, and can be driven through in around 2 hours. The Byway winds past the lush marshes, wildlife sanctuaries and freshwater impoundments of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, along with the secluded, sandy dunes and gorgeous sunsets of Pickering Beach. It also includes Kitts Hummock, a peaceful refuge with quiet reserves and conservation areas, Bowers Beach, a tranquil beach town with a Maritime Museum, local restaurants and fishing charters, and Little Creek, a charming waterfront town with a storied Old Stone Tavern.



The Bayshore Byway is a vibrant tour of Delaware’s gorgeous waterfront scenery, wildlife and forest spaces. If you’re craving a quiet, meditative destination, a quiet refuge for birding or regarding wildlife, or just some time by the water, this is the perfect escape to root yourself and rediscover your center.

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