Birding Sites in Kent County

Delaware’s Quaint Villages have something for outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers alike. The Delaware Bay has over 16,250 acres of wildlife refuge, making it the perfect spot for bird watching and getting fresh air while on vacation. Stroll along stretches of wetland while snapping shots of native Delaware bird species. Had enough exercise, or want to relax during your stay? Take the car out for a spin and roll the windows down as you cruise through the wildlife refuge, taking in each peaceful moment.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

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Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

Running of the Mill,Third Saturday of the month 2 – 3:30 pm (Mar – Nov)Feel the water turbine rumble to life as it powers 1800s milling equipment,…

Browns Branch County Park

Browns Branch County Park

Browns Branch includes 38 acres of forested floodplain and 40 acres of former tilled uplands, with the latter being converted to active recreation such as…

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