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From discovering the area’s rich history to imbibing locally brewed beers, indulging in tax-free shopping and exploring our unparalleled outdoor adventures, you’ll create lasting memories in Delaware’s Quaint Villages, all while soaking up the small-town charm. Take a quick look at what makes each of the small villages in Kent County, Delaware so special.

Unique History and Culture of Kent County, Delaware

Delaware's Quaint villages are charming, and they offer a welcoming atmosphere to visitors. But what many people don't know about Kent County, Delaware is that it has a rich and fascinating history spanning all the way from the late 1600s. Delaware is famously known as the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787, and the rest is history.

We are proud of the captivating culture and remarkable artifacts of our past, and we encourage visitors to explore our many historical sites and cultural buildings. From beautiful art galleries to immersive museums to historic statehouses and more, you'll never be at a shortage of things to learn in the towns of Kent County, Delaware.

Take a look at our popular historical and cultural attractions:

  • Art: Over the years, we have cultivated a strong appreciation of the arts. The small villages in Delaware's Quaint Villages offer a wide range of artistic events for all ages, like live music, art galleries and lasses and theatrical performances.
  • Museums: With over a dozen comprehensive museums in the area, you can always learn something new in Delaware's Quaint Villages. We have museums dedicated to a variety of interests, from agriculture to locomotives.
  • Historical sites: You can immerse yourself in Delaware's history by visiting all of Kent County, Delaware's most esteemed historic buildings. With an array of mansions, chapels and courthouses, you can explore a variety of locations that will be sure to capture your attention.

Popular Delaware's Quaint Villages Destinations

With 20 warm and inviting towns in Kent County, Delaware, you'll always have a new destination to explore. Each of our Villages is rich with character, charm and history. Every town in the area has a little something for everyone, from delicious local eateries and eccentric boutiques to intricate museums. No matter which town you decide to explore, you'll be sure to experience a day of fun, food and culture.

You can check out our extensive list of villages in Kent County, Delaware, or take a look at our most popular destinations:

  • Dover: Experience the many delights of Dover with a wide range of activities for all ages. Whether you visit our local breweries, music festivals, shopping centers or parks, you'll be sure to enjoy your stay. We even have the Dover Motor Speedway and Bally's Dover Casino Resort for our thrill-seeking visitors.
  • Milford: The village of Milford combines creative spirit with small-town charm. This Delaware town is a hub for cultural arts with its many art galleries. You'll also find a selection of delicious restaurants, shops and outdoor activities for all to enjoy.
  • Harrington: This town offers a range of exhilarating entertainment like casinos, the ice arena, horse races and the Annual Delaware State Fair. Harrington is also home to many incredible eateries, antique shops and museums.
  • Smyrna: Smyrna is the perfect vacation destination for any nature lover, with a variety of beautiful forests and parks to enjoy. This village also has many cultural and historical sites like museums, historical buildings and an opera house, complete with lots of local restaurants. 

Popular Activities and Shopping in Delaware's Quaint Villages

No matter which village you explore, you'll be sure to find countless fun and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy. From shopping to outdoor activities to NASCAR racing, the towns in Kent County, Delaware, have something for everyone. Consider building some of these popular activities into your itinerary:

  • Shopping: If you enjoy a little retail therapy, Delaware's Quaint Villages have all of the shopping destinations you need. From clothing boutiques, gift stores and antique shops to florists and farmers' markets, you'll be sure to find the perfect memento to help you remember your trip.
  • Historical sites: We have a wide selection of museums, art galleries and historical buildings to captivate any history buff.
  • Nature and outdoor activities: There's nothing more beautiful or relaxing than the great outdoors. Be sure to visit our parks, piers and forests for a variety of outdoor activities like camping, fishing and cycling.
  • Casinos: Feeling lucky? Delaware's Quaint Villages feature two thrilling casinos with lots of slots and table games, dining options and even seasonal horse races.
  • Special events: Kent County hosts a variety of beloved yearly events like the Dover Days Festival, the Delaware State Fair, Firefly Music Festival, NASCAR and many other highly anticipated experiences.

Amish Countryside and Farmers Markets

The Amish Countryside is the most tranquil location in Kent County, Delaware. When you enter into the thriving Amish community, you can engage in a wide range of activities. Take some time to explore our high-quality shops, delicious dining options and breathtaking sightseeing opportunities. No matter the activity, you'll be sure to feel relaxed and at peace as you enjoy the serenity and simplicity of the Amish Countryside.

If you find yourself in the peaceful Amish Countryside, be sure to check out some of the community shops featuring expertly-made products that will last you a lifetime. You'll find a variety of businesses, including:

  • Greenhouses.
  • Furniture stores.
  • Home decor.
  • Handcrafted quilts and fabrics.
  • Flea markets.
  • Cabinetmakers.
  • Woodworking.
  • Farmers markets.

To learn about specific shops and markets in the Amish Countryside, be sure to take a look at our complete list of locations.

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For a vacation destination filled with fun and excitement, be sure to explore Delaware's Quaint Villages. Kent County host a wide range of family-friendly events and activities, such as museums, shopping, dining and outdoor activities. When you visit our popular village locations like Dover or Smyrna, you can expect to enjoy an entire day of culture, entertainment and small-town charm. Explore Delaware’s Quaint Villages – at your own pace.

If you have any questions about Delaware's Quaint Villages, fill out a contact form to get in touch with a representative or start planning your trip today!

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