Rembrandt Etchings: States, Fakes and Restrikes Exhibit at Biggs Museum of American Art

Next Upcoming Date: Sunday, June 24 2018

Rembrandt, one of the most influential printmakers in the history of art, created etchings that offer a wide range of subjects — from incisive representations of scriptures to studies of street life. His prints possess comedy as well as sober social commentary and have influenced innumerable later printmakers. But how can one be sure that a Rembrandt is truly or wholly by THE Rembrandt?

In an exploration of this question, the Biggs’ exhibit will showcase a traveling exhibit of 40 Rembrandt etchings from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, joined by Rembrandt’s etchings from University of Arizona Museum of Art. Altogether, these works examine the problem of authenticating Rembrandt’s etchings. The exhibition includes first state pulls from the artist’s lifetime and restrike prints and copies from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Sunday, June 24
  • Monday, June 25
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  • Wednesday, June 27
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  • Friday, June 29
  • Saturday, June 30
  • Sunday, July 1
  • Monday, July 2
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    • 406 Federal Street Dover, Delaware
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