Jeffrey Osborne

Date: Friday, September 25 2020

Jeffrey Osborne is a Rhode Island native, and has been performing since the age of 15 when
he sat in with The O’Jays when the drummer was unable to perform to their standards and
went on to play with them for two weeks. That was all the inspiration he needed to pursue a
musical career. It was at another Providence nightclub that brought Osborne together with
the band Love Men Ltd. After more than 10 years with the band, Osborne decided to pursue
a solo career.

Osborne’s solo career earned him four Grammy Award nominations, and five golf and
platinum albums, including his self-debut self-entitled album “Jeffrey Osborne”, “Stay with
Me Tonight” and “Only Human”. After releasing his first six albums on A&M during the
1980s, Jeffrey move to Arista for Only Human (1990), then switched to a series of
independent labels. His releases during the 2000s included “That’s for Sure” (2000) and
“Music is Life” (2003) as well as cover albums “From the Soul” (2005) and “A Time for Love”

Jeffrey’s latest project, entitled, “Worth It All”, was released in June 2018 on Artistry Music.
This project was written and produced by Osborne, with the exception of one song titled
“Work It” which was co-written with his son Jeffrey Osborne Jr. who is on the track with him.
This project inspired by the late great George Duke, has taken Jeffrey back to his deep R&B
roots. The first single from the new album, which is also titled “Worth It All”, currently sits in
the top 30 on Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary Singles chart.
Jeffrey Osborne is actively performing and touring around the world.

Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Friday, September 25
    • 1131 North DuPont Highway
    • Dover, DE
  • Location: Rollins Center
  • Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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