Check out all our Certified Tourism Ambassadors!

Congratulations to all CTAs for receiving your certificate and becoming an official Certified Tourism Ambassador of Delaware's Quaint Villages!

Dela Ahiamadjie- Delaware Limo
Elorm Ahiamadjie- Delaware Limo
Lynn Barmer- Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Gordon Basht- Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
Monica Becton- Residence Inn
Sidney Bell-Home2Suites
Marti Bell- Residence Inn
Brandi Besecker- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Thomas Bolden- Residence inn
William Bond- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Jonetta Bond- Residence Inn
Tina Bradbury- Downtown Dover Partnership
Peter Bradley- Kent County Tourism 
Cristal Brenneman- Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Waushara Brinkley- Home2Suites
Dick Brogan- The Moving Experoience
Regina Brown- Town of Smyrna
Jeremy Brown- The Moving Experience Delaware, Inc
Nancy Buckle- Kent County Tourism
Kerri Burris- Holiday Inn Express & Suites 
Nancy Burkett- Community Member
Janice Burritt- Community Member
Rick Burritt- Community Member 
Michelle Butler- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Taylor Bowen- Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Gary Camp- Dover International Speedway
Cathy Candileri- Lakeview Realty Inc.
Laura EK Chupp- Greater Kent Committee 
Taylor Collins- Parke Green Galleries
Tyra Collins- Hampton Inn
Erica Collins- Residence Inn
Teresa Colomy- Sleep Inn & Suites
Marcus Coulter- Home2 Suites
Millie Cowser- Home2Suites
Heather Cregar- Delaware State News
Jan Crumpley- The Delaware Store
Naiomi Cruz- Residence Inn
Ray Cullom- BombayHook National Wildlife Refuge
Maribeth Cullom- BombayHook National Wildlife Refuge
Latrice Dabney- Home2Suites
Arlene Davis- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Sophia Dear- Community Member 
Karen Dever- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge 
Judy Diogo- Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
John Doerfler- Kent County Tourism
Cathy Downes- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge 
Doug Doyle- The Moving Experience Real Estate
Iesha Duffy- Residence inn
Kaitlyn Dykes- First State Heritage Park
Debbie Eashum- Dover Downs Hotel and Casino
Rebecca Edwards- Hampton Inn
Jessica Ekin- Simon Property Group - Dover Mall
Anja Elliott- Home2 Suites
Jerry Emerson- Kent County Tourism
Barbara Estep- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Hubert Fernandes- Dover Hospitality Group LLC
Tad Fox- Axia Management
Cynthia Friese- Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Christopher Glenn- Hilton Garden Inn
Katie Gillis- Community Member 
Cindy Guelle- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Mike Hahn- DelDOT: Delaware Department of Transportation
Eric Hamilton- First State Heritage Park
Charles Hammond- Milford Museum
Joe Hand- Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Maria Hanson- Hampton Inn
Carrie Hart- Bayhealth Medical Center
Vickie Hogue- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Kim Hurtt- Hampton Inn
Sandra Jones- Hampton Inn
Leslie Jones- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Danielle Jonigan- Kent County Tourism
Antoin Julius- Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Caroline Kane- Delaware State Parks
Courtnee Kerney- Home2Suites
Sophia Kramedas-Ghanayem Axia Management
Diane Laird- Downtown Dover Partnership
Bridget Lane- The Moving Experience
Janie Libby- Community Member 
Bruce Lantz- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Joanne Lantz- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge 
Claudia Leister- The Milford Museum
Mike Leister- Community Member 
Patrick Long- Dover International Speedway
Yvonne Lynch- Milford Museum
Juli Maichle- Kent County Tourism
Kevin Maloney- Hampton Inn
Judy Martin- Bowers Beach Maritime Museum
Latesa Matthews- Hampton Inn
Sheila McDowell Home2 Suites
Sabriya McDuffie- Hilton Garden Inn 
Megan McIlvain- Dover International Speedway
Heather McTheny- Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Julie Memmolo- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge 
Barbara Miller-Lakeview Realty
Rosemarie Mujica- Downtown Dover Partnership
Randy Murphy- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Jerome Nance- Residence Inn
Fred Neil- Dover City Council
Robert Njoku- Rooah! LLC
Essence Norris- Home2 Suites
Bobbi Novak- Lakeview Realty Inc.
Carolyn Page- Lakeshore Realty,LLC
Joyce Pearce Dover Downs Hotel & Casino 
Breanna Pierce- First State Heritage Park
Doug Poore- Greater Harrington Historical Society
Cassie Porter- Faw Casson
Ashley Price- Hampton Inn
Cindy Price- Home2Suites
Karen Ptak- Dover Downs Hotel & Casino 
Al Pulmano- Sleep Inn & Suites
Robin Rockemann- The Delaware State Fair
Levette Rodriguez- Residence Inn
Jeremy Rothwell- City of Harrington
Matthew Ruggierio- Hampton Inn
Suzanne Savery- DE Division of Historical & Cultural Affairs
Meghan Santana- Chica Artistica 
Jamie Schaeffer- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuuge
Victor Schimp- Home2Suites
jo Schmeiser- Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford
Meaghann Shaw- Hampton Inn
Jake Shields- Dover International Speedway
Thomas Smith- The Delaware Store
Rosemary Staniszewski- First State Heritage Park
Wendy Stephens- Hilton Garden Inn Dover
Angela Stevens- Sleep Inn and Suites
Todd Stonesifer- The Moving Experience
Vikki Stump- Community Member 
Susan Thau- Home2Suites
Renee Thompson- LakeView Realty, Inc
Pat Thompson- Teacher Extraordinaire
Sandi Unkrur- The Moving Experience
Stormy Vandeplas- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Dina Vendetti -Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Brynn Voshell- Downtown Dover Partnership
Tina Watson-Communty Member 
Clifford Weber- Hilton Garden Inn Dover 
Samantha Whaley- Home2 Suites 
Cheryl Wheeler -Home2Suites
Bridgette Whitehurst -Home2 Suites
Cheryl Whitney- Central DE Chamber of Commerce
Carla Wilson -Lakeview Realty
Pam Wilson- Home2 Suites
Jessica Yacone-Residence Inn by Marriott
Virginia Yiannakis- Hampton Inn
Victoria Yiannakis- Hampton Inn
Sarah Zimmerman- First State Heritage Park & Welcome Center

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