Bundle of peaches  at the Wyoming, Delaware Peach Festival

Wyoming Peach Festival

If you’ve been searching for a sweet summer event, look no further.

Wrap up peach season at the Wyoming Peach Festival held on Saturday August 5, 2017! This delicious, mouth-watering, peach filled event will be taking place in Wyoming, Delaware on Railroad Avenue.


Rain or shine, at the festival you’ll be able to taste the best northeastern peaches and other delectable treats. From preserves to pastries, there will be plenty of peach-themed goods to try. However, if you’re not the biggest peach fan, stop by the other the food vendors for local specialties! The fun doesn’t stop at scrumptious eats: don’t miss homemade arts and crafts booths, a children’s area, and community displays to spend the day strolling through.


Start the day with the parade from 9-9:30 am, which includes performances from a local marching band and color guard. Afterward, don’t miss the famous Peach Dessert Contest at the Train Station! The grand finale will take place at 2 pm, where they’ll reveal will the contest winner and give away prizes!


Feel peachy about purchasing that extra piece of cobbler since the proceeds of the festival stay local. They are used to help upkeep the landscaping of Wyoming’s parks, and other local improvements that keep the town quaint and beautiful.


The Wyoming Peach Festival is perfect for a mid-summer weekend getaway to this charming Delaware town! There are plenty of options when choosing a place to stay or finding other fun activities to do. In just one weekend you can easily explore great towns, one food-filled festival, and local restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss out on this great weekend in Wyoming, DE!

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