Visit Open Cockpit Days at the Air Mobility Command Museum

A trip to Dover isn’t complete without visiting the awe-inspiring Air Mobility Command Museum next to the Dover Air Force Base. With more than 30 aircraft on display and a range of interactive exhibits, this museum gives an astonishing look at our nation’s Air Force aviation history — and there’s no better time to visit that during Open Cockpit Days!

On the third Saturday of every month through October, you can literally step into our nation’s aviation history during Open Cockpit Days at the Air Mobility Command Museum. The museum allows visitors full access to many of the museum’s most impressive aircraft: walk from cockpit to cockpit as tour guides, often retired crew members of these airplanes, describe the history of the planes and their missions and bring the aircraft to life.

With aircraft ranging from an open cockpit bi-plane to modern four-engine jet transports, including a beautifully restored B-17, a combat veteran C-47, and Air Force Two, the official plane of many U.S. Vice Presidents, this museum provides an eye-opening view of the history of flight. In addition to the Open Cockpit Day tour, be sure to check out their free flight simulators, the air traffic control tower with a fantastic view, and the unique museum store.

Open Cockpit Day tours are open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. if weather permits and tour guides are available. For more information, or to request an aircraft tour on a day other than Open Cockpit Day, please visit the Air Mobility Command Museum page.

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